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Reading Wonders Interactive Notebook

Hi everyone! I've finally gotten a chance to blog about how I incorporated Interactive Notebooks with the 2nd grade Reading Wonders series last school year. 

Halfway through the school year, I finally felt comfortable enough with the curriculum to start implementing the Interactive Notebooks as a way for us to practice the skills. Sometimes I would use them during whole group, small group, or as an independent activity. If the week was crazy, I would sometimes not use them at all. I would pick and choose which activities to use as an Interactive Notebook depending on our schedule and my student's abilities.

First thing, I did was look at the Unit Overview for each week to see which skills I thought could be incorporated as an Interactive Notebook activity.

I decided that Work Work, Vocabulary, Comprehension, and Grammar would be good areas to use an Interactive Notebook for teaching or practice.

To get us started, I made each student a notebook and added tabs for easier organization. Having these colored tabs helped my students quickly find the area of the book that we were working in that day.

I tried two different printing options before I found the one that I liked the best for my class. I felt like printing 2 to a page made items too small for my students and settled on printing at 85%. By printing at 85%, the pages fit perfectly in a composition notebook.

I like including anchor charts for my students to use as a reference. Then if I new anchor charts up on our focus wall, they can use their Interactive Notebooks as a guide.

To help build my students' independence, I kept the weekly phonics and vocabulary activity the same. The only thing that changed was the new phonics patterns and new vocabulary words.

I made different activities to practice the skills found each week for all 4 areas.

 If you're interested in my notebooks, you can click on the pictures below. Units 2, 5 and 6 are coming shortly!


 I was also late posting my giveaway winner! So sorry!

Happy weekend!

Two for Tuesday ~ Phonics Games

Hi everyone! I'm linking up with Cyndie from Chalk One Up for the Teacher for 2 for Tuesday! It's a great day to stock up for upcoming school year since these are only $2!

I've got two of my favorite resources for you guys today.

I have just revised one of my students' favorite phonics games, the Magic E game. I love using games with my students in small groups and as an independent center. This game is perfect if you have students who struggle to read words like can and cane. I have included 32 pairs of words like this. To make this multi-purpose in my classroom, I've also included sorting header cards and a recording sheet.

I'm also marking down my Touch Point Math Posters to $2. Using touch points has been a life saver for some of my students who really struggled with fact fluency! I keep these posters up all year long, and many of my students refer to them frequently.

Make sure you check out some of the other awesome $2 for Tuesday deals!

Back 2 School Giveaways

It's getting that time of year where all teachers are prepping for back to school. For me, that means I'm spending so much money in my classroom. But to help you out, the Owl-ways Be Inspired girls have joined together to help you out!

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